Leather Info & Care

Veg Tan - Our veg tan is un-dyed and largely unprocessed, resulting in a very basic tannage that leaves a lot of room for the user to leave his or her personal mark. Natural veg tan will darken and patina dramatically with use and exposure to sun, moisture, and oil. 

While consistent handling will essentially oil the leather from the oils from your hands, we recommend treating your veg tan every few months or if it ever starts to feels dry or brittle. We leave the leather untreated in order to give the user complete control over the results. 

Natural veg tan is very sensitive to moisture. Moisture may stain and make it susceptible to malformation. Care should be taken should it ever get wet. 

Some leather treatments we recommend:

• Neatsfoot Oil

• Mink Oil

• Obenaufs LP

• Snow Seal

Please let us know if you have any questions.