Derivative of True man - faithful man; trustworthy; loyal one. Live true; tell your story.

A celebration of craftsmanship in the modern age, Truman is for the modern man inspired by the principles of yesteryear—self reliance, solid work ethic, trustworthiness and faithfulness. Truman is dedicated to making quality apparel, leather goods and accessories for the active lifestyle consumer with a keen eye for detail and craftsmanship. Adapting time tested construction techniques for mass-production without compromising the integrity or standards of traditional craftsmanship, Truman believes in the preservation of the trades and the value of human handiwork.

Quality & Ethos


We believe that the things we own should be meaningful, functional, attractive, long-lasting, and hard-wearing. Contrary to the throwaway culture that thrives today, we believe in owning less, but better. The things we own should be worth taking care of, getting better with age as they personalize; telling your story as they become part of your story.

We set out with these things in mind when we design and create our products.

We are proud to support our peers and communities, partnering with domestic and peer-owned companies/factories.